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SPERRY C. PLATH Naviguide 4000

  • Manual Ship Steering System

    The C. Plath Naviguide 4000 Manual Ship Steering System has multiple configurations to meet specific customer requirements. The ship steering system is fully type approved by Germanischer Lloyd.

    • Marine Steering Control Unit

    • Marine Steering Mode Selector

    • Marine Steering Alarm Module

    • Marine Steering Position Selector

    • Rudder Angle Feedback Unit

    • Follow-Up Hand Steering Wheel

    • Follow-Up Mini-Wheel

    • Follow-Up Interface/Display Unit

    • SyncroHelm Wheel Control Unit

    • Dual Rudder Sync Selector

    • Marine Steering Mode Selector

    • NFU Tiller

    • Marine Steering Mode Selector/NFU Tiller

    • Follow-Up Mini-Wheel/Display Unit

SPERRY C.PLATH Navipilot 4000

  • Self-Tuning Adaptive Heading Control System

    With the introduction of the C. Plath NAVIPILOT 4000 Self-Tuning Adaptive Heading Control System, Sperry Marine continues its traditional philosophy of designing autopilots with the aim of increasing profit by reducing costs. The innovative NAVIPILOT 4000 is the first marine autopilot which uses ship steering control network technology to control a ship and is capable of tuning itself to adapt automatically to the ship's load characteristics and the prevailing weather conditions, thus reducing operational demands and increasing fuel savings and operational safety.

    SPERRY C.PLATH Navipilot 4000
  • Conceived with the most modern computer tools in accordance with NMEA 2000, the NAVIPILOT 4000 permanently indicates all information required by the most stringent marine navigation demands:

    • Current heading (digital)

    • Set heading

    • Override status

    • Selected heading source

    • Steering mode (AUTO/MAN/NAV)

    • Preset heading selection

    • 1/10° increments of set heading

    Parameters for :

    • Rudder limit or

    • Rate or

    • Radius

    • Weather

    Additional displays of :

    • Load condition

    • Speed (auto/man)

    • Rudder order or

    • Actual rudder angle or

    • Rate of turn or

    • Cross track error

    • Off course alarm

    • Heading difference alarm

  • Major Advantages

    Fully self-tuning,adaptive heading control

    Manual selection of steering strategy to suit weather conditions

    Rate and radius control modes

    Gyrocompass Heading interfaces: two RS422 x 2

    Magnetic compass interfaces: NMEA 0183, sine/cosine

    Nav/track interface with 10 possible directional and bidirectional setting variations

    Additional Remote Control and Display Units possible

    Operational data remain stored during power failure

    Clearly arranged graphic liquid crystal display (LCD) with back lighting

    Logical arrangement of sealed foil keyboard and ergonomic, user-friendly operation

    Analogue selection of set heading and all other major parameters by means of soft keys

    Analogue output for thruster control, rudder propellers and water jets

    System utilizes the NAVINET 4000 Steering Control Network

    Only serial interfaces used

    Display and controls illuminated

  • Meets the requirements of all major classification societies

    EC type approved by GL Luxembourg to 98/85/EC (Wheel Mark) Specified Standards: ISO/IEC 11674 EN 61162-1, IEC 61162-1, EN 60945, IEC 60945 IMO Resolutions A.342 (X), A.694 (17), A.813 (19), MSC.64 (67) Annex 3

SPERRY Magnetic Compass System

  • Sperry Marine manufactures its magnetic compasses and binnacles.

  • The wide range of equipment offered by the comprehensive Sperry Marine Magnetic Compass System program includes aluminum alloy binnacles, the legendary Jupiter magnetic flat glass compass, a flux-gate pick-off with an integrated sine/cosine interface, bypass arrangements, azimuth devices, electronic compasses and magnetic compass autopilots (TMC).

  • All of these products are manufactured to the Sperry Marine well-known high standards.

Sperry Marine New VisionMaster FT RADAR

  • In keeping our target for meeting our customers’ urgent requests for Radars' short deliveries, we have now established and shall maintain an “Ex-stock / Ready to go” full complete Radar package in our Piraeus (Greece) warehouse.

    Sperry Marine New VisionMaster FT RADAR
  • SPERRY VisionMaster FT Radar new generation model has been developed using the latest technology and is everything you expect from a world class radar system. It has built-in upgrade path for future solutions (can be upgraded to “ChartRadar”, “TotalWatch” multifunction station) thus enabling seamless integration. Also offers simple user interface, tracking of up to 100radar and 200AIS targets and other comprehensive range of tools & features for the navigator. It shares same spares and components with other series of VMFt products (ECDIS, ChartRadars, TotalWatch) as well as scanners/transceivers/inter-switch units with previous generation Sperry Radar Bridgemaster E, so can also be used in various retrofit cases.

    For more information and our attractive pricing, you may contact our Sales Department.

  • The radar model is the latest, “state-of-the art” and fully type approved according to latest IMO regulations MSC 192(79) & standards IEC62388, Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT 340, X-band complete with pedestal and performance monitor, as per below summarized analysis.

    Configuration package: “VisionMaster CAT1(ARPA) 341/6/M/VM2 X-band Deckstand complete with 33M antenna cable kit, Performance monitor, Pedestal (110/220VAC supply)”Complete above system is ready and available for immediate dispatch upon ordering, within same day, from Piraeus (Greece). In cooperation with Sperry Marine major warehouse stock in Netherlands, other radar configurations maybe available for short delivery from Vlaardingen, Netherlands too.


  • The NAVIGAT X MK 2 digital gyrocompass system provides a cost-effective solution that satisfies the international carriage requirements for a type-approved marine gyrocompass.

  • The NAVIGAT X MK 2 gyrocompass is a compact, one-unit design that runs on a 24-volt power supply with two independent DC inputs. It can drive up to four analogue repeaters and provides five additional serial data outputs and one six-steps / degree output.

    Based on the proven Sperry Marine NAVIGAT X MK 1 design, the new gyrocompass provides better than 40,000 hours mean time between failures (MTBF).  The system remains north-stabilized for up to three minutes in the event of a power interruption.

  • The NAVIGAT X MK 2 complies with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations A.424(XI) and A.694(17) as well as the International Standards Organization (ISO) standard 8728, and is fully Wheelmark type-approved.

    The introduction of this new gyrocompass completes the Sperry Marine range of heading sensors, which now comprises the NAVIGAT 2100 fiber-optic gyrocompass, the NAVIGAT X MK 1 and NAVIGAT X MK 2 digital gyrocompasses.

SPERRY NAVIKNOT Multisensor Speed Log Series

  • Proven Expertise

    The NAVIKNOT Multisensor Speed Log Series is a new generation in a long line of very successful Sperry Marine speed logs.

    The 350, 450 and 600 series offer umlimited flexibilty and have been designed with the most modern computer tools for application on all types and sizes of vessels including cruise ships, container ships, tankers, megayachts and a wide variety of other craft, both new build and retrofit.

  • The innovative NAVIKNOT Multisensor Speed Log Series features two different-sized Control and Display Units (CDU) each with a large color TFT display, and utilizes satellite-based technology (GPS) in addition to the traditional Doppler and electromagnetic sensors to provide the user with high-accuracy displays of dual-axis ground speed and/or single-axis water speed.

  • NAVIKNOT 350 E
    Electromagnetic Speed Log System, Single-Axis Water Speed

    NAVIKNOT 450 D
    Doppler Speed Log System, Single-Axis Water Speed

    NAVIKNOT 600 S
    Satellite Speed Log System, Dual-Axis Ground Speed, Docking Mode

    Satellite and Electromagnetic Speed Log System, Dual-Axis Ground Speed and Single-Axis Water Speed, Docking Mode

    Satellite and Doppler Speed Log System, Dual-Axis Ground Speed and Dual-Axis Water Speed, Docking Mode

SPERRY VisionMaster FT Radar

  • The VisionMaster FT Radar/ARPA is the heir to the Sperry Marine BridgeMaster series of radar products, which have established an unmatched reputation for reliability and performance with more than 18,000 units delivered worldwide. With VisionMaster FT, Sperry Marine moves the bar to an even higher standard. The result is the world’s most dependable and advanced series of high-performance radars, providing the ultimate in safe navigation and situation awareness.

    SPERRY VisionMaster FT Radar
  • Advanced Clutter Suppression

    VisionMaster FT Radars incorporate ClearVision as a standard feature. This sophisticated automatic clutter suppression technology makes it easier for watchstanders to identify small weak targets in the presence of sea or rain clutter without manually adjusting gain or clutter controls.

    Target Acquisition

    VisionMaster FT Radars automatically acquire and track up to 100 targets at relative speeds up to 150 knots. Targets can be acquired by either two guard zones or an operator-configured footprint area. AIS-selected target acquisition (up to 100 targets) is also provided as an option.


    VisionMaster FT Radars provide digital controlled interswitching to interface up to six transceivers to up to six displays.


    The new VisionMaster FT workstations are fully compatible with BridgeMaster antenna and transceiver configurations, and can easily be retrofitted with existing BridgeMaster installations. A full stand-alone console or a kit for installation of the electronics in existing cabinetry is available.

    Ease of Installation

    The VisonMaster FT Radars are designed for easy low-cost installation and commissioning. A serial data format is used to communicate between the transceiver and workstation, minimizing cable runs. Commissioning is accomplished through a series of intuitive full-screen menu prompts.

    Dual-Channel Option
    Dual-channel capability integrates data from two transceivers for display at a single screen, providing unsurpassed situational awareness.

  • Type-Approved Performance

    VisionMaster FT Radars are fully type approved to all applicable international standards, including:

    - IEC/EN 60936-1 (Shipborne Radar) and -2 (Shipborne Radar for High-Speed Craft)
    - IEC/EN 60872-1 (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA))
    - IEC/EN 60945 (Marine Navigation Equipment) Upgrade versions of VisionMaster FT will exceed the full requirements of the new Shipborne Radar performance standard (IEC62388)A