SRH Marine Electronics SA Feedback 1 / 2015 VDR Failures

SRH Marine
What happened?

A recent press release from a P&I Club, has called for greater familiarization, by ship’s officers and crew with the testing equipment related to the Voyage Data Recorder. In two cases the VDR data have been retrieved and analysed for investigation purposes, however, its was apparent that certain required sensors were not feeding data to the VDR unit at the time of the incident. SOLAS Chapter 5 Regulation 18 stipulates that VDR systems, including all sensors, should be subjected to an annual performance test (APT). Such tests should be conducted by an approved testing or servicing facility to verify the accuracy, duration and recoverability of recorded data for the issuance of Certificate of Compliance (COC).

What SRH can do you for?

SRH MARINE ELECTRONICS SA, is authorised to perform such tests and inspections and issue relatives reports and Certificate of Compliance on DANELEC, SPERRY and RUTTER / NETWAVE VDR We can arrange at any port in the world, at any time surveys, repairs, tests, inspections and issuance of relative ATP / COC.

Please contact us in 210 4110260 or in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find our how we can serve you more and always with efficiency!