SRH Marine Electronics SA Feedback 2 / ECDIS UPDATES

SRH Marine
What is coming?

By 31st of July 2016 the 12 month transition period from current editions of S-52 and S-64 Charts will end as the new editions are already in force as of 01st of August 2015. A number of changes reflecting lessons learned from earlier reports of unexpected charts behaviours in some ECDIS are now included.

What this means for your?

Ship-owners and ship operators will have to update their existing systems to be in conformance with SN.1/Circ.266 as amended covering the maintenance of ECDIS Software. Operators should also forward to the vessels fitted with ECDIS to the attention of their Masters the ECDIS Guidance for Good Practice as per MSC.1/Circ.1503 which can be downloaded free of charge from the IMO website. Finally you should ensure with your ECDIS Manufacturers that the new

What SRH can do you for?

SRH MARINE ELECTRONICS SA, is authorised distributor from UKHO on the ENC/RNC/ADP/IMO Books and publications and we will close monitor any changes in the software.

Being an authorised dealer for certain ECDIS Brands such as DANELEC, MARIS, SIMRAD, SPERRY, TRANSAS, we will close cooperate with Manufactures and we will promptly inform our customers .

Please contact us in 210 4110260 or in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find our how we can serve you more and always with efficiency!


Any ECDIS which is not upgraded to be compatible with the latest version of the Product Specification or the S-52 Presentation Library2 may be unable to correctly display the latest charted features. Additionally, the appropriate alarms and indications may not be activated even though the features have been included in the ENC. Similarly any ECDIS which is not updated to be fully compliant 63 Data Protection Standard may fail to decrypt or to properly authenticate some ENCs, leading to failure to load or install.