Pollution Prevention Video Recording

  • The last decade saw a drastic change in the tolerance of various authorities to intentional pollution by ships. If in the 60th and 70th pumping of bilge waters directly over the side was considered the norm, such incidents today are not tolerated and end in harsh verdicts. Jail sentences to personnel involved (Captains and Ch. Engineers) and extreme financial penalties to the owners are becoming common and we all heard about them. The owners of the container ship MSC Elena, for example, were fined USD 10M for pumping out sludge waters through a so called “magic pipe” that was installed by the crew to bypass pollution prevention equipment. Naturally, owners started looking for means to ensure that such incidents will not happen on their ships.

    Totem Plus Tankmate
  • As an answer to that, Totem-Plus have developed the PPVR, which stands for Pollution Prevention Video Recording system. The PPVR comes with several video cameras, located over pollution-sensitive areasin the machinery spaces, and a PC computer that records the video data for up to one year. The crew has no access to the data, which is protected by the system, and the online monitoring is done from the bridge or from the Captain’s cabin by the PC monitor. Motion detection algorithms are applied to the video frames, and the system will alarm on such motion or on loosing connection to the cameras. Consequently the bridge will be informed on any engineer going to these areas, or trying to disconnect the camera of this area.

  • Keeping history for one year allows replay of past incidents, in fast forward if necessary. Each frame recorded has a specific time stamp, showing date & time (UTC), ship name & camera number. The recorded data can demonstrate to authorities (e.g. USCG) that the ship’s personnel have not compromised or by-passed the pollution prevention equipment, and that the owners are keen on preventing such occurrences.

Totem Engine Performance Monitoring & Optimizing Mate System

    • Complete independent real-time MIP system capabilities.
    • MIP system may be fully integrated into IMACS.
    • Multiple realtime stations on board ship, such as CE room, bridge etc.
    • History and replay capability.
    Totem Plus Tankmate
  • MIP measured & calculated parameters

    For each cylinder:

    • Maximum pressure and deviation from mean.
    • Pmax angle and angle deviation.
    • Mean indicated pressure and deviation.
    • Compression curve pressure and deviation.
    • Expansion curve pressure and deviation.
    • Exhaust temperature and deviation (optional) (only when connected to IMACS).
    • Pcomp/Pscav and deviation.
    • Indicated power and deviation from mean for each cylinder.
  • For each injector:

    • Maximum injector pressure and deviation.
    • Maximum injector pressure angle and deviation.
    • Injection pressure and deviation.
    • Injection angle and deviation.
    • Calculated data from IMACS display group.
    • Define set points, and alarms.
    • Incorporates data from MIP into an ECR log generated by IMACS.
    • Can combine IMACS and MIP data for advanced thermodynamic calculations.

Hull Stress Monitoring (HSM)

  • Totem Plus Hull Stress Monitoring measures and analyzes important parameters affecting Hull Stresses on ships. Such parameters include Bending moments, Pitching, Rolling and Pounding. Alarms are given if any parameter deviates from the allowed region, and correlations between parameters are easily obtained. Online transverse stability (GM) is measured and displayed from the rolling period, and parametric rolling probability is calculated based on actual roll and pitch parameters. The system should be used in order to give useful information to masters on possible actions such as ballasting, changing course etc. The system is based on dedicated sensors such as Long Based Strain Gauges (innovatively designed by Totem Plus - see picture), Accelerometers (measuring Pounding and Slamming) and inclinometers. The Hull stress monitoring can be integrated with a stress and stability software (recommended).

    Totem Plus Tankmate
    • Real Time measurement and monitoring of hull movements and stresses.
    • Bow acceleration measurements during pounding or slamming.
    • Two inclinometers measuring heel and trim.
    • Trend Analysis and Data Co-relations.
    • Accurate Calibration by Comparison to Calculated Bending Moments.
    • History file kept automatically for off-line analysis.
    • First-rate quality sensors: waterproof & long expectancy.
    • Continuous reading of Real-Time Values.
    • User Friendly Graphical Interface (GUI).
    • Issued alarms due to malfunction or data inconsistencies.
    • Transverse stability measurements at real time(GM).
    • Alarm on GM out of bounds or GM change during voyage (gradient change).
    • Alarm on high probability of Parametric Rolling

Integrated Tank Level Gauging and Cargo Control

  • TankMate is a modern integrated system providing tank level gauging, cargo control functionality and stress and stability software.

    Totem Plus Tankmate
    • Continuous reading of Real Time values from all level gauging radars, ballastsensors, cargo temperature sensors, IG pressure sensors, draught sensors and inclinometers.
    • Cargo Control: Advanced remote control of valves and pumps from the screen, designed to simplify and increase safety during cargo operations on tankers.
    • On-line calculated parameters include corrected volumes, weights, shear forces, bending moments, heel, trim, draught and stability criteria.
    • Simulation of loading conditions for planning purposes.
    • Trend in time of levels, temperatures and IG Pressure are shown graphically on demand.
    • Continuos logging of information into history file enables easy scanning and analysis of post operations.
    • Audible and visual alarms, metering calculations and printouts are all standard features.
    • Inert Gas volume calculations.
    • Auxitrol TA-840 radar: compact design leads to reduced overall dimension, has perfect sealing, high precision measurements and is the only radar in the world with a flat intrinsic security antenna.
    • Independence of measurements from atmosphere and foam inside the tank.
    • Very high accuracy and reliability under harsh working conditions. Virtually no maintenance.
    • Control software allows the user to define and execute operational sequences,
    • Specify required values for valve positions or control the valve directly.
    • Large mimic panel with color LED bar graphs shows valve positions and movements.
    • Several levels of operation complexity: direct open/close commands, target value commands, sequence execution.
    • Maintenance module records relevant technical and service information

Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control Systems

  • Totem Plus IMACS is an Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control System for engines and machinery onboard ships.

    The system is comprised of Siemens PLC units in full redundancy, PC computers and powerful software. The comprehensive system provides integration of Power Management System, Tank Level indication, Anti Heeling and Loading program in addition to the "standard" Engine Monitoring and automation features. Shore-side "Office" version with offline data and fault analysis is provided.

    Totem Plus IMACS
    • Use of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware eliminates the dependence on dedicated, more expensive and less accessible "marine" spare parts - enabling easy service and/or repair anywhere in the world.
    • Fault finding and maintenance are very easy due to the SIMATIC-S7 PLC Push-Pull modules that can be replaced in no time.
    • All work stations are connected by a common network and each station can take over the entire system regardless of other stations failure.
    • Other computers on ship's LAN can log into the system at will (for monitoring only). Full redundancy of CPU and BUS - automatic take over if one PLC fails. Open architecture - easily fitted for every vessel.
    • Full redundancy of CPU and BUS - automatic take over if one PLC fails.
    • Open architecture - easily fitted for every vessel.
    • Online screen monitoring of all relevant information.
    • Control of machinery (valves, pumps, generators etc.) from smart mimics.
    • Graphical representations of data with time (Trend Analysis) for all variables.
    • Easy setting of alarm set points and delay times, easy calibration of sensors by software.
    • Critical operations are restricted by password to authorized personnel only.
    • Logging and retrieval of data for long periods of time.
    • Offline analysis of data from History files (Alarm statistics and Multi Sensor Analysis) - an excellent tool for easy preventive maintenance.
    • "Office" version for shore supervision provides extensive offline analysis of both data and alarms (whole month data on CD-R or just "Last Hour File" by Email).
    • On line stability tests (GM Determination).
    • A Cellular Router allows remote diagnostics, updates and assistance to Totem IMACS.
  • Ideal engine monitoring system for small vessels and systems up to 100 I/O points.

    • PLC Based
    • Led outputs or LCD screen (owner Choice)
    • Optional: PC Work Station
    • Easy configuration by laptop
    Totem Plus IMACS