Compact digital multirepeater (CD401MR-SB)

  • The CD401MR-SB is a remote multirepeater for NMEA signals. It is designed for use with SKIPPER products together with products from other manufacturers, when these have NMEA 0183 output.

    The multirepeater is able to display two independent values from different sources simultaneously in the same display (see product picture)

  • The multirepeater is designed in order to be able to display the following information through NMEA 0183:

    Depth – below surface, keel and transducer

    Speed – over ground and through water (longitudinal, transverse, aft and relative)

    Distance – total/trip for both ground and water

    Heading – true, magnetic and relative

    Rotation – rate of turn and direction

    Wind – speed and direction (true, magnetic and relative)

    Pitch and Roll – bow position and starboard/port heel

    Temperature – water and air

    Drive – RPM, propeller pitch and rudder position

    Clock – UTC, local time and expected time of arrival (ETA)

    Current Indicator – True and relative speed and direction

Rudder Angle Indicator Type NT850RAI & NT1000RAI

  • The NT850 and NT1000 RAIs are Class (GL) Type Approved for Steering System use and are also "Wheelmarked" (MED Module B) as compliant with ISO 20673 (2007).

    Suitable for nominal 24Vdc supply (11-40Vdc) the indicators will accept potentiometric and serial data ($xxRSA) inputs of rudder angle signalled by Navitron Systems Ltd. or suitable proprietary Rudder Reference Units.

  • Each Indicator Head is processor intelligent and can be individually calibrated for amidships, full scale and linearity.

    Variable scale illumination via an external control voltage or locally mounted potentiometer is also featured for night viewing.

    Dual Rudder Reference Units of the NT920 or NT1000 type are required to provide the signal to the RAI to render it electrically independent from the NT850 Steering System.

  • NT850 Dimensios
  • NT1000 Dimensions

Rudder Angle Indicator Type NT920RAI

  • Navitron Rudder Angle Indicators (type NT920RAI) can be configured for single or multi head display as add on components to all Navitron autopilot types or as independent (stand alone) systems employing a dedicated Rudder Angle Transmitter Unit (NT920RTU).

  • All Indicator heads (NT920RAI) are electrically and mechanically identical (no master / slave distinction) which provides complete interchangeability and straightforward system expansion.

    Each Indicator head comprises a robust centre zero moving coil driving an illuminated white pointer against a black scale background graduated in 5° increments. Provision is also made for fixed and variable intensity red backlight scale illumination for night viewing.

  • Standard RAI heads are suitable for wheelhouse (sheltered) panel mounting. External locations may be used (foot bracket or panel mount) when supplied with a Navitron Pod assembly (PM).

    Compass Safe Distance - 1.0m

    Weight NT920RAI Standard - 370g

    Weight NT920RAI (PM) - 1.1Kg

NT1000 ERP Inclinometer

  • Designed and developed by Navitron Systems Ltd. to meet the requirements of MSC. 363(92) the NT 1000 Electronic Pitch & Roll (ERP) Inclinometer is a robust and accurate instrument which is fully compliant with IMO recommendations to all Governements that Inclinometers not inferior to this specification should be installed to SOLAS vessels with effect form 1st July 2015.

    Navitron RPM indicator
  • The traditional mechanism "pendulum" type of heel measuring devices can provide reasonably accurate indications of angle, but this is largely confined to static situations whreas in the seaway, pendulum mass and inertia will invariably result in significant errors.

    In addition to the mechanical limitations, further constarints include the inability to communicate with VDRs and BAMS (Bridge Alert Management Systems) etc.

    Finally, the mechanical pendulum offers no simple solution for allerting watch personnel to the development of potentially dangerous situations geared to instability based on increasingly adverse heel angles and roll periods

  • Serial Data input/output facilities enable the NT1000 ERP Inclinometer to send data to VDR and to communicate bi-directionally with BAMS etc.

    Operator adjustable alarm levels are available via the simple to use Set Up Menu and the Heel Limit Alarm can be visually and / or audibly signalled to remote locations (Master Cabin etc.) by vlot free contacts provided within a Navitron Junction Box.

    Other Set Up Parameters include Time (UT) Date and Sensor Calibration.

  • Accordingly, the NT1000 ERP is fully Type Approved by Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL) and maybe installed with single or multiple colour display unit(s) to provide real time Pitch and Role monitors for watch personnel in addition to recorded graphical displays or roll behaviour over the last 3 minute and 30 minute periods.

  • The Inclinometer System operates on 24Vdc supplies (Main and Back Up) and, whether installed as a single (Master) or multi display head configuration (3 x Slave heads maximum) all interconnecting cables are supplied in 3m lengths with factory fitted plugs for simple connection to the Display Unit Sockets.

    The Sensor Unit is a sealed, factory calibrated unit fitted with 3m cable for connection to the Display Unit(s) via a 2 Entry Junction Box also supplied.