Watch Alarm Type NT920WA

  • Unsuitable for external location, the Watch Alarm should be installed in an enclosed bridge or wheelhouse in a position commensurate with RESET button operation.

  • At the instant of autopilot engagement (Mode switch to ON) a four minute timing period commences which may be restarted at any time by manual operation of the Watch Alarm RESET button.

    If the RESET button is not pushed and the four minute period expires, a low level audible alarm is emitted for a period of one minute (60 seconds).

    Failure to cancel the low level alarm within 60 seconds will result in a high level audible alarm which will continue until the RESET button is operated (new four minute period starts) or until the autopilot is disengaged (Mode switch to STANDBY or OFF).

  • A two way built in POWER FAIL alarm will immediately sound at the emergency high level in the event of autopilot power supply or watch alarm internal battery failure.

    The POWER FAIL alarm can only be reset by disengagement of the autopilot or restoration of the power supply.

    A volt free normally open contact rated 1A / 24Vdc is provided within the Watch Alarm to drive an auxiliary alarm (if required) in the high level (emergency) mode only.

    Compass Safe Distance - 1.0m

    Weight - 1.0Kg

  • Navitron

Navitron NT990BNWAS

  • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

    Fully compliant with IMO Resolution MSC.128(75) & IEC 62616 and with both Notified Body (Germanischer Lloyd) & Classification Society (RMRS & CCS) Type Approvals, the Navitron NT990BNWAS can be supplied as a basic system to operate proprietary alarm units (where appropiate) or, as an expanded system complete with alarm selector switch and individual officer cabin and crew call audible alarm units etc. In either case, the NT990BNWAS provides a safety monitor requiring regular acknowledgement (Reset) by the duty watch personnel at time intervals between 3 and 12 minutes which can be specified and set by the master or OOW as considered appropriate.

  • The chosen time interval (3 - 12 mins) is security protected by means of key switch selection as is the operating mode which may be set:

    • Permanently ON

    • Permanently OFF

    • AUTO mode (automatically activated by power up of other equipment such as Autopilot / Track Control system etc)

    Once activated, completion of the specified timeout period (3 - 12 mins) will automatically generate a Bridge visual alarm (15 secs) followed by a Bridge audible alarm (15 secs) which is tone and volume adjustable during installation.

    Alarm cancellation and commencement of a new timing period will occur whenever the BNWAS 'Reset' button is operated on the main unit or when other Wheelhouse / Bridge located Resets (or optional Movement Detectors) are activated.

    Failure to 'Reset' the system during the 30 second Bridge visual / audible alarm period will result in automatic 'Officer Call' alarm activation which, in an expanded system, can be routed to the appropriate duty officer cabin alarm unit. If the officer call alarm stage is not acknowledged within a selectable 90 sec to 3 minute period, a final stage Crew Call will automatically be generated.

  • In the event of a sudden crisis situation requiring immediate Officer assistance, the NT990BNWAS also features an 'Emergency Call' facility which may be operated at any stage of the timing cycles.

    Further built in security and error management provisions include 'Tamper' and 'Power Fail' alarm indications fully commensurate with MSC.128(75) and IEC 62616.

    The NT990BNWAS is suitable for vessels of all types and tonnages and can be supplied for both 115 / 230 VAC (DB2) and 24 Vdc (DB1) power supply applications.