NetWave’s new SeaWise technology

  • NetWave’s new SeaWise technology provides ships performance analysis and reporting from the cloud

    NetWave, a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders, will introduce their innovative SeaWise ‘big data’ technology during SMM, enabling ship-owners to analyze and improve long term ship’s technical performance as well as allowing flexible reporting solutions from a (shore-based) virtual private cloud environment. Available applications include ship’s performance and fuel-efficiency monitoring, MRV (CO2) reporting, ship’s resistance analysis, remote monitoring of sensor data, fleet benchmarking, etc.

  • With this IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution, ship-owners benefit from lowest cost data transfer in encrypted industry-standard data-formats sent into the cloud, from where the applications using ship’s data of whatever nature are virtually limitless.

    NetWave offers a range of user-definable ship (fleet) dashboards available via web-browser at any given time or location and the cloud data is also readily available to any kind of third-party application. API’s (application programmers’ interfaces) are available to ship-owners and software development partners.

  • The scope of the Seawise solution includes the shipboard interface and gateway which automatically collects, filters, harmonizes and transfers any data originating from engine, propulsion, automation or navigational sources into the secured (onshore) private cloud environment.


  • The Netwave VDR has a versatile design. It can be installed in a 19” rack or can be supplied in a bulkhead mounted casing. It can either be placed inside the navigation console or against any flat surface. Because of its Power-Over-Ethernet design, cable running is reduced to the minimum.

  • Remote Monitoring
    With secured passwords, NW-6000 can be monitored and managed real time from your office. With Remote Monitoring service, the owner/manager will receive fault diagnosis, status reports, operational performance data and download:

    • Download of logs, NMEA data

    • Periodic reports

    • Without interference of the crew

    Fixed Capsule
    Netwave has developed its own Fixed Capsule, being completely in control over design and production of this vital unit. With our own capsule with integrated storage server with network drive, Netwave Systems has proven to be the expert on VDR and S-VDR.

    Camera Monitoring
    The NW-6000 has the possibility to record video from camera’s; which can be placed in key locations on the vessel. It will provide additional information on the situation on board in any circumstance the vessel is in. This will allow the ship management to have full access of data, in combination with live streaming camera recordings.

    Live Replay
    Optional, the NW-6000 has the possibility to integrate with various IBS solutions. With this integration, the bridge crew will have access to instant replay of various VDR recordings.

  • The NetWave VDR and (S)VDR systems consist of the following components:

    • NW-6860-1000 Fixed Capsule

    • NW-6880 Float free Capsule

    • NW-6000 Core Module

    • NW-6010 Bridge Control Unit

    • NW-64xx Data Acquisition Module

    • 6 x NW-6020/6021 microphones

    • NW-6060 VHF Interface


  • Following on from the DM300 S-VDR and DM500 VDR, the new and 3rd generation of S-VDR and VDR products offers an unmatched flexibility in a new, compact and light weight, easy to install solution.

  • The DM200 S-VDR is configured through a standard web browser interface which incorporates an extremely high level of auto configuration, reducing the cost and time of installation.

    • DM200 S-VDR - Weight only approximately 40 kgs
    • Easy and cost effective installation

    • Modular and expandable design that fits most installations

    • Enhanced and easy to use data retrieval functions

    • Optional extended data storage capacity with external 500GB Hard Disk Drive

  • The system is Wheelmark approved, meets the requirements of IMO performance standards MSC.163(78) and complies with IEC Standards IEC 61996-1/2 and IEC 60945.


  • Danelec Marine VDR systems are designed to record and store, in a secure and retrievable form, information concerning the ship’s position, movement, physical status and command and control for the period leading up to and following an incident.

  • The new 3rd generation of Danelec Marine VDR solution offers an unmatched flexibility in a compact and lightweight, easy to install and maintain solution.

    • Customizable conning page

    • Export data to Windows applications for playback on board or in ship manager’s office

    • Access to data from shore via remote interface module

  • The product is designed with a strong focus on reliability and functionality in maritime environments, and meets IEC 61996-1 Ed.2 and MSC.333(90) mandatory from 1 July 2014.

NETWAVE NW-4000 series

  • On today’s market, this system provides the smallest footprint, the lowest installation cost and offers the ship-owner the option to not merely consider the (S)VDR system as a mandatory necessity, but provides management -tools and -data to improve transparency in the ship’s overall operational performance.

  • By making optimal use of the latest ‘state of the art’ Microprocessor and Digital Signal Processor technology, all of NetWave VDR systems provide the following benefits

    Simplified installation due to one single wire WaveConnect® cabling between the main units using ‘no-solder’ Quickcon© hermetically sealed connectors, which allows connections within 10 seconds, requiring no tooling, and achieve long lasting protection!

    Compact and freely configurable data acquisition ‘backplane’ units, the WaveNet Interface Modules® , require less than 30% of the size of earlier generation products, allow for low-cost ‘place-anywhere’ installation close to the data-source. Wiring is greatly reduced by the unique daisy-chaining capabilities of these system components.

  • An unmatched choice of readily available WaveNet Adaptor Modules® allow connection to virtually any shipboard data-source including Radar, ECDIS, GPS, AIS, Gyro (Synchro and Stepper). Digital and Analogue inputs eliminate the search and implementation of any third party ’bolt-on’ solutions.

    Anticipating new regulations coming into force in 2007, the WaveData® port allows easy access and data retrieval from the VDR system through the Ethernet port provided on the Bridge control unit to any standard notebook PC. The NetWave VDR’s already comply with these new ‘authority access' requirements via the built-in, readily accessible Ethernet interface.

    WaveLink® satellite hook-up facility allows for vessel tracking and analysis of all data acquired by the VDR, as well as automatically generated reports to be sent to shore facilities via email or FTP.

    Optionally Incident Data may be retrieved via the Compact Flash module (NW-4016 Bridge Control Unit only), for remote analysis.