Electronic Charts

SRH holds a leading position in the Maritime Market, providing a full range of digital products (AVCS, ADPs, eNPs) of United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO)

The solid advantages of our new SRH-AVCS "Fixed Fee" Service Solution, make the AVCS product range even more attractive to use.

Combined with the existing standard AVCS and ADP/eNP solutions, as well as ECDIS hardware supply - installation - 'type specific' training and full 'in-house' or 'remote' training capabilities on Electronic Charts, SRH is your real and unique "One Stop Shop" partner for ECDIS project implementation.

SRH - AVCS "Fixed Fee" features:

  • Unique service with AVCS ENCs World wide coverage
  • Predictable annual cost with flexible packages
  • Five (5) available packages to select from
  • NO HANDLING from the office - easy to use on board!
  • FREE SOFTWARE & Support 24/7
  • NO NEED for ship's tracking, No hidden costs on tracking services

SRH - AVCS "Fixed Fee" contract covers:

  • 10+ ships fleet, one contract
  • Separate activation and invoicing per vessel
  • Simple ENCs ordering and flexible 3-month licensing
  • Areas coverage for Planning and Navigation Purposes
  • Simple selection out of five (5) packages
  • Only one (1) annual invoice for the bundle

SRH introduces this top solution bundled with UKHO-AVCS service provision on a "Fixed Fee" basis for ship owners/fleet operators who request easy and flexible handling on their ENCs supply.

SRH Digital Charts Support team provides fully dedicated and personalized "on-line" assistance 24/7, as well as free of charge training for all of UKHO digital products.